How can I integrate reusable mugs into my business?

Once decided, making the change and using mugs in your business is easy!

When registering with us we will list your business on our website, feature you on our Blog and also give you a shout out on our social media to let everyone know how amazing you are!


You will also receive a FREE poster set to help you explain and promote the cause to your customers.  If your business is located in the Melbourne Metro Area we are also happy to provide you with a FREE Mug Pack, including 20 mugs to get you started!


How many mugs do we need?


As mobile vendor, you might only want to take a certain amount with you based on the number of customers, the space available and of course the amount of dishes you accept as feasible in your circumstances.

For mobile vendors even 20-30 mugs will save hundreds of single us cups in a very short amount of time. And every cup saved, saves you money AND delays your next paper cup order!


How can I get mugs?

We want to rehome unwanted mugs from the community and give them a new life purpose.

As Vendor you can register with us as  ‘Mug Hot Spot’, so people in your neighbourhood with mugs to share can contact you to donate preloved/new mugs.

You can also join our Spare A Cup - Mug Donations Australia Facebook Group to connect with members of your local community


We are a community group, cafe, market space or event organiser, can we register?

YES, absolutely! Any business, community and market who want to use mugs instead of single use cups can register and will be featured on our Blog and social media channels, we would love to share your love for mugs- The more, the merrier!


How can I donate mugs?

Please see the Mug.Maps section on this website to find the closest Mug Hot Spot near you and get in touch with them directly directly.

You can also join our Spare A Cup - Mug Donations Australia Facebook Group to connect with businesses in your local community


What are some other ways to support the movement?

Please spread the word  - we want to educate people about the detrimental environmental impacts of using paper cups and promote making the switch!

Do you have a skill, talent, ideas that you think would help the cause? We would love to hear from you! Email us:



More questions?

We are always happy to share advice and help answer any questions you might have about how to best make the switch to spare cups!


Together, we can make a difference on the use of single use cups!


The Spare A Cup Team